Reconstruction of a dinosaur

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The Mantell monument

Owen's Dinosauria

In 1842 the anatomist Richard Owen attempted to bring order to the recent discoveries of prehistoric reptiles.   Owen grouped the three vanished genera - Iguanodon, Megalosaurus and Hylaeosaurus together with the name Dinosauria ("terrible lizards"). The term 'dinosaur' was born.

The Maidstone Slab

Owen's reconstruction of Iguanodon

Owen's view of Iguanodon

Owen's representation of the Iguanodon, later constructed in concrete for the Crystal Palace Exhibition in 1854 in the grounds of Sydenham Park, was of a creature standing on all fours looking more like a rhinoceros, and still having the spike on it's nose - a monstrous Victorian lizard-like creature.

Picture of Owen's Dinosauria