The Mantell Monument

Whiteman's Green, Cuckfield, West Sussex

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The Mantell monument

Is this the only monument to dinosaurs in the UK?

On 24th June 2000, the Mantell Monument was unveiled at Whiteman's Green, Cuckfield, West Sussex, in commemoration of Mantell's discovery of Iguanodon in 1825. This site is believed to be the location for Mantell's original discoveries.

In front of a gathering of some 150 people, Andy Ottaway and Brian Cox outlined the significance of Mantell's discovery. This is thought to be the only dinosaur monument in the UK.


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Unveiling the monument

    Left to right
  • Brian Cox (Cuckfield Museum
  • Lionel Hanna (Proprietor of Philpott's Quarry, West Hoathly, and donator of the sandstone block)
  • Andy Ottaway (organiser)

The plaque

The plaque from the monument

The monument board

click here to view the information board from the monument